Metics - the modern software solution for cosmetics development and regulatory affairs


No more mistakes. Metics verifies your INCI names and CAS numbers for you. The List of ingredients declaration is generated for you and is correct, every time. Find out which of your product's ingredients are regulated with no effort, and without spending hours in CosIng. Your product, material and ingredient data is fully versioned and fully traceable so you can edit with confidence. It's your PI file as it should be.

Reliable and Secure

Open up the browser and you're logged in within seconds whether you are at your desk or on the train. Rest assured that Metics is secure with always-on encryption for all communication and storage. It's also very reliable with redundant servers and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It just works.


We designed Metics using our “Users First” principles, and it paid off. Our users testify that Metics is a joy to use because of its speed and feature-set combined with its beautiful simplicity. Metics takes care of tedious work so that you can focus on your core tasks, always with correct data at hand. You can copy and paste data from Excel into Metics and export documents to Excel, like you want to. The documentation support is so good that you'll find that it replaces your file server and better still, your documents are versioned together with your product and materials. Did we mention it's screaming fast? You'll never look back.

€£$¥Return On Investment

We offer monthly subscription plans suitable for companies of any size. You'll save a whole lot thanks to Metics being Software as a Service because that means no server hardware to acquire and maintain, no server software to license, no costly consultant hours for installation and no extra operations work for your IT department. You'll also avoid hidden costs such as mandatory maintenance agreements and upgrade licenses. And there is no lock-in so you can cancel your subscription and take your data with you whenever you want. EASY as that.