Metics - the modern software solution for cosmetics development and regulatory affairs

No. More. Mistakes.

Metics is designed to help the cosmetics industry formulate and verify faster, more cost-effective and with higher quality. Metics is an internet based web service, so there is no installation or IT required on your side. You just use it directly from your web browser. You subscribe to as many users as you need, and we have made sure that it is affordable for companies of any size.

All your raw materials, in one place

Instant feedback on INCI names, CAS numbers, regulations and more
Perfect for storing documents such as SDS’s, specifications and technical datasheets
Enter, update and search CLP classification, supplier, price, notes and more
All 20000+ CosIng registered INCI names and CAS numbers integrated and kept up to date
Seamless handling of the 26 perfume allergens, correctly declared

Your Products and Formulas, up to date and versioned

Cost-optimise formulas in real-time, calculate test samples and more time-saving features
Generate the List of ingredients declaration, correct and in no time
Perfect for storing documents such as safety assessments, challenge tests and artwork

Powerful yet simple to use

Build up your entire PIF in Metics and export it effortlessly. It’s your PI file as it should be.
Search for “products containing Phenoxyethanol”, “raw materials with CLP H315” and much more
Catalogue your products and raw materials with Tags for simple filtering
Always versioned and with full traceability so you can edit with confidence
Copy and paste from Excel directly into Metics
Export to Excel and PDF